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Welcome to the St. Albans Historical Society, West Virginia site!


The St. Albans Historical Society, in St. Albans, West Virginia, welcomes you to its website. Please use the information and resources presented here to enhance your knowledge of the history of the St. Albans community.

Purpose of the Society:

   The St. Albans Historical Society was founded in 1972 initially to move and preserve the ca. 1846 log Morgan's Kitchen Museum which was in danger of being demolished. The Society has since expanded to promote an understanding of the history of St. Albans and to collect and preserve materials relating to the town's history, to encourage the education of children in this history and to make these materials available to the public. The Society maintains a museum at 404 Forth Ave., adjacent to the C&O Depot, with displays that include many vintage photos, books and artifacts. The rich archives  can be valuable for persons seeking family history or doing historical studies.

   Morgan's Kitchen, operated by the St. Albans Historical Society, located on MacCorkle Ave. near Walnut St., contains many pioneer artifacts from the 19th and 20th century. 


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Over 100 vintage St. Albans Photos at:

    St. Albans Historical Society

     Year 2014 Accomplishments

  • Printed two Newsletters (Spring & Summer)
  • Worked with our Founder’s Day Committee to have a great event in May on Main St.
  • Greeted over 75 visitors at Morgan’s Kitchen during our Summer Open House on Sundays.
  • Had over 25 visitors during our Open Houses on the 1st Saturday of June-Oct. at the Historical Society Building.  Open 4 days for Fall Train Tour.
  • Presented local history to the 4th graders at Weimer Elementary and St. Francis Elementary.
  • Printed 100 copies of our new book “Battle of Scary” (1932).
  • Worked with the Nitro Historical Commission to have a Bridge 1st Anniversary Party at Roadside Park in November.
  • Continue to maintain a web site (, since 2009. (13 pages)
  • Meeting Speakers:
  •         February - Videos of the building of the new Nitro Bridge from remote control plane -            Tim Butler.
  •       April – “ National Register Properties” - Neil Richardson
  •       September – St. Albans Sketches  - Retired Architect Bob Wilson
  •       November - Virginian Rubber Company slides – Neil Richardson 

     ·   Received various donations of books, photographs and maps: Papers and letters from John Cunningham, (Delmar Lacy), 1896 downtown St. Albans photo (4’x5’) from the Coal River Insurance Building. (Jay Miles), Homemade dolls from the 1950’s (Marion Moir),Music Appreciation Club Minutes & Notebooks (1970-1990), Vintage animal traps and canning lids for Morgan’s Kitchen (Bo McClure), 1940-1960’s Maps (Anne McElhinny) Tenn., Coal River and Western R,R. spike & piece of tie (Steve Sidebottom), Panorama view of Ferrell Gas Co. (James Holton). Large wall photo of downtown from Coal River Insurance (City of St. Albans), 1940 St. Albans Band Photo (Kristi Sutphin), Model jet of Chuck Yeager’s plane, first  to break sound barrier, and various articles of the Yeager Monument. (Dawson family), Lectern with a speaker system (Zion Hill Church in Charleston).

  ·     Placed the Newsletter from 1992-present into notebook and made a "Table of Contents" of articles. Will be indexing the “Coalsmouth Journal” soon (1972-1992).

  ·    Revised the Historical Section of the St. Albans City Comprehensive Plan.  

  ·   Provided representation to the Christmas in

  ·   Created a Facebook page with historical information. (see: St. Albans Historical Society)

  ·   Provided one representation to the St. Albans Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Landmarks Commission.

  ·   Sold numerous Historical Society books.

  ·   Re-printed 150 extra Bridge Dedication Books.

  ·   Re-printed 150 extra Bridge Dedication Books. 

·   Purchased 2 “Open” signs for Open Houses

·   Re-roofed Morgan’s Kitchen using Bridge Grant. (Back side)

·   Printed 200 vintage 2014 calendars.

·   Dec. 6,  2014 Christmas Historic Homes Tour. 35 people participated. (2 homes) (rain)

·   June - Sunday Picnic at Morgan’s Kitchen. 




 Bank of St. Albans - later City Hall (C. 1920'S) (BELOW)


CityHall 1920s