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April 8 - Next meeting 

Year 2017 Accomplishments

  • Printed two Newsletters (Spring & Fall)
    - Worked with our Founder’s Day Committee to have a great event in May on Main St.
    - Greeted over 75 visitors at Morgan’s Kitchen during our Summer Open House on Sundays. (June – August)
    - Had over 35 visitors during our Open Houses on the 1st Saturday of each month at the Historical Society Building.  Thanks to Kevin Bragg for volunteering to be their every 1st Saturday every month (10-2 pm) !!
    - Held the 14th Annual Morgan’s Kitchen Fall Festival. Over 9 vendors, music, re-enactors apple butter making and cabin tours
    - Opened Historical Society Building 4 Mornings in October for the New River Fall Train.
    - Presented local history to the 4th graders at Weimer Elementary (Fall 2017) and St. Francis -       Elementary 4th/5th grade (Jan. - March 2017).
    - Continue to maintain a web site (18 pages) ( (since 2009).
  • Meeting Speakers:
    ·           February – St. Albans Black History (and art) – Cubert and Philander               Smith

         ·          April – Craik Patton House Presentation – Paul Zuros

         ·         September – Ft. Scammon history – Dr. Billy Jo Peyton

         ·         November – WWII Experiences – Walter Filipek 

·  History Day at Capitol – (February) We had a display there & nominated

                  Patty Swango to be a WV History Hero.

·  Received various donations of books, photographs and maps: (

·  June 11 - Sunday Picnic, 2 p.m. at Morgan’s Kitchen.

·  December  2017 – 25 Annual Christmas Historic Homes Tour. 80 people                    participated.

·  Printed 200 vintage 2018 calendars.

·  Printed Folders for Elementary School History Lessons.

·  Purchased a sign for Morgan’s Kitchen Fall Festival.

·  Sold numerous Historical Society books (12 different books) at the Village                       Sampler.

·  Provided one representation to the St. Albans Convention and Visitors Bureau             (ceased  meeting 2017), the Downtown Landmarks Commission and History            Wednesday.

·  Maintain a Facebook page with historical information.

                  (see: St. Albans Historical Society)

·   Held a Business After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce in April at our Bldg.

·   Made 40 gallons apple butter for a fund raiser.

·   Had a Coal River History display at the Forks of Coal Education Day in                           September.

·   Participated in the Coal River Group Water Festival and demonstrated and              displayed the history of the Coal River to 4th and 5th graders. (May)

·  Fixed the A.C/Heat at the Historical Society Building. Leaking Freon.

· Worked with the St. Albans Teen Court to provide Community Service hours for 2             teens.


Dues are due: ($10 individual/$15 family)...Send a check to Jane Milam at 1104, Summit Dr., St. Albans. See bottom of this page for the 2018 meeting dates.

St. Albans Christmas Historic Homes Tour: 

   Over 80 people took this years tour. It was the 25th Annual Christmas Historic Homes Tour on Saturday, December 9 from 6-9 pm.. Six historical homes were open for the tour as well as the C&O Depot. A shuttle took visitors to the various properties and made a continuous loop.  
The tour began at the St. Albans Historical Society building at 404 Fourth Ave., adjacent to the C&O Depot.
   All of the properties featured Christmas decorations and refreshments. Tickets were $10.00 for adults and students and children are free. Tickets are available at the St. Albans Historical Society building the night of the tour only beginning at 6:00 pm.
    Six homes were included on this year's tour, including : C&O Train Depot (ca. 1906), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Miles House, Eighth Ave. Walker House, Pennsylvania Ave., Campbell / Moore-McHenry House, Eighth Ave, Trowbridge / Beatty House, Eighth Ave.,Graley House, Sixth Ave. and the Johnson / White House, 5th Ave.

School History Project:  Weimer Elem. History Lessons

  Our group is currently (Jan. -  March 2018) teaching Local History to the 4th grade class at Weimer Elem. Started by Margaret Bassitt in 2011, this is our sixth year with this project. Neil Richardson is presenting the lessons once a week on Thursday. Some topics are: early native peoples, early explorers and settlers, Ft. Tackett, early churches, schools and transportation, Coal River history, old homes in town and Morgan’s Kitchen. We will be doing this again in the spring to the other Weimer 4th grade.

Ellen Mills-Pauley having class make a Morgan Kitchen cabin from construction paper - 2016 (below left).   Fall 2016 combined 4-5 graders at St. Francis.(right)

St. Frances ClassSt. Frances Class 

  New Shelter Built: The City constructied a new picnic shelter beside the Historical Society Building in October 2017. It can be used by people during the Fall New River Train Days, C&O Depot activities and Historical Society addition to being used as a picnic shlter and a possible Farmer's market.      


Morgans Kitchen Fall Festival 2016

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Newsletters CatalogedWe have cataloged and indexed all of our Newsletters from 1992 to present (2009-2018 can be viewed above) and placed the in a notebook. So...if you are looking for a certain history topic, you can now view this notebook for your topic and make a copy of the Newsletter or article at the Society Building on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10-2 pm during our Open House.


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Coalsmouth Journals Cataloged - We have also recently cataloged the Coalsmouth Journals (1972 -1985). These were our first Newsletters of the Historical Society and they contain may fine and historical articles. They may be viewed at the St. Albans Historical Society Building on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10-2 pm during our Open House.


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Forks of Coal History & Education Day: We had a "Coal River History" exhibit at the Forks of Coal Natural Area property Open House on Saturday, September 23. (this amazing place is right past Corridor G). There were guided hikes, food and displays from various groups.  See their web  site at:

Recent Donations:
  - "Kanawha County Images Vol. 1" and Goldennseal magaines (Richard Milam)
  - "1938 St. Albans" book and misc. papers (Barbara Randall)
  - Misc. papers from the Jonhn Morgan Family fro the 1880-1920's (Nan Rogers
  - Photographs from the 1940's-50's Jr. Chamber of Commerce of the Annual                   Tutle         Derby fund raiser. (Joe Wyatt)
   -  Various photographs of St. Albans of businesses (Russ Davidson Family)
   -  Large framed photo of St. Albans High School (1955)  (Barbara Ransbottom)
   -  St. Alban's Advertisers & Photos  (Jerry Wyatt estate)
   -  Various old newspapers (Jo An Keefer)
   -  Large scrapbook with clippings of St. Albans activities (Marion Moir) 
   -  "1938 St. Albans" book (Connie Spradling)
   -   St. Albans planning maps (Anne McElihinny)
   -    6 St. Albans High School Year Books (1930's)  (Margaret Bassitt estate)
   -    Fairview classroom bell
   -   10 Stattes (Lower Falls) Mill ledger books and a weight (1860's to 1900)        
          (Barbara Wheeler)
   -   6 Borden burger drinking glasses (where was this located?)
   -   Central School photos form 1950's (Steve Sidebottom)
   -   Papers and letter from John Cummingham (Delmar Lacy)
   -   Various old 1930's newspapers from 1st. Baptist Church and "Early History of  St. Albans"
         (C. D. Hereford)
   -   Lectern with a speaker system (Zion Hill Church)
   -   Model of Chuck Yeagar's jet and various items about the Yeager Monument.
   -   Various maps from 1940-1950 of St. Albans. (Anne McElhinny
    -   Homemade dolls from the 1950’s (Marion Moir)
    -   Music Appreciation Club Minutes & Notebooks (1970-1990) - club
    -   Vintage animal traps and canning lids for Morgan’s Kitchen (Bo McClure)
    -   Coal River and Western R,R. spike & piece of tie (Steve Sidebottom)
    -   Panorama view of Ferrell Gas Co. (James Holton)
    -   Large wall photo of downtown from Coal River Insurance (City of St. Albans)
    -   1940 St. Albans Band Photo (Kristi Sutphin)
St. Albans Historical Society - 2018 Meeting Dates

All meetings are at the Wm. P. Burdette Memorial Building at 404, 4th Ave.  2:00 p.m. (Regular meetings are on 2nd Sundays unless otherwise stated)

January - December 2018 - Historical Bldg. Open House, 1st Saturday, 10-2 pm

February 11, 2018 - Regular  Meeting

February 22 - History Day at Capitol (Thursday), 9-2 pm (need volunteers)

April 8, 2018  -  Regular  Meeting

May 12, 2018  - Founder’s Day on Main Street

June 3, 2018 - Sunday Picnic, 2 p.m. at Morgan’s Kitchen

June – August - Morgan’s Kitchen Open House, Sunday,  2-4 pm

September 9, 2018 - Regular Meeting

October 13, 2018 - Morgan’s Kitchen Fall Festival                             

October 20, 21 & 27, 28, 2018 - Fall Train Open House at Bldg.(8-9:30am)

November 11, 2018 - Regular Meeting

December 8, 2018 - Christmas Historic Homes Tour, Saturday, 6 - 9 p.m.