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The mission of the St. Albans Historical Society is to ignite and foster a renewed passion among the public for our rich historical heritage. We aim to remind and inspire successive generations to embrace a deeper sense of patriotism and strive for greater achievements by celebrating the heroic accomplishments of our ancestors.

Historic Morgan's Kitchen

The first meeting of the Historical Society took place on November 12, 1972 in Mayor Ramsey’s chambers. The temporary officers were Hallie Turley (Chairman), Phyllis Roberts (Secretary), and Mrs. Van Bacon (Treasurer). Additional members in attendance at the first meeting were Bennett Burgess, Mr. Van Bacon, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers.

Bettie and Bill Burdette joined the Society later, but it is important to mention that they were the members who donated the money to build our Historical Society Building at 404 4th Avenue.

Carol and Bill Graley were early members who contributed a lot to our society, too–including cemetery inventories, writing and producing plays, and performing many other volunteer services.

Our Founders

Our Visionaries

In 1971, Sid Morgan donated the historic 1840’s Morgan’s Kitchen from his family’s plantation (that was in danger of being razed by AEP) to the City of St. Albans on the premise that they would create a Historical Society. Several volunteers moved the building from Putnam County to the banks of the Kanawha River in the summer of 1972.

St. Albans Historical Society Office at 404 4th Avenue

Our Officers

The Historical Society’s Officers are crucial for preserving and promoting historical knowledge. From the President to the Treasurer, each brings unique expertise to the table. They manage operations, secure funding, and establish partnerships to ensure success. Their love of history and dedication to the community make them key figures. Next time you attend an event or peruse our archives, thank these officers for their tireless work.

Denise Cyrus Stribling


Ellen Mills-Pauley

VP - Programming

Patty Swango

VP -Fundraising

Vickie Harrison


Linda Kidd Costilow

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