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We have cataloged and indexed most of our Newsletters from 1992 to present and they can be viewed here. If you are looking for a certain history topic, you can now view the TOPICS (below) and then go directly to that Newsletter.

Coalsmouth Chronicles

St. Albans Recollections from Glenn Miller (1918-1920)

Enjoy this story from Glenn T. Miller. This was originally published in our “Blue Book” – “St. Albans History”. The stories were from around 1918-1920. “Around the age of 8 or 9 years old, around 1920, I would visit the Hoboes when they would congregate at the mouth of Coal

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St. Albans Historical Society

City of St. Albans, WV

Preserving the past and promoting the future, the St. Albans Historical Society is dedicated to collecting and safeguarding materials that tell the story of our town’s rich history. We encourage and educate present and future generations about our heritage, inspiring a greater appreciation for the unique cultural legacy of St. Albans.


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